November 2015

They said what?

Google page quality, what it sit and why is it important? Credit where credit is due folks I like HOBO SEO (yes SEO's should learn from other SEO's) his work is always clean, clear, crisp and accurate. Take a read of this insightful bit of work about page quality rules from Google and then ask yourself have you done this? HOBO SEO POST CLICK HERE Darren Revell Director Please note...

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True but shocking all the same

Andrey Lipattsev said this issue “is very close to my heart right now.” His team is working with him to detect these “mobile affiliate traffic driving networks” where “users are just being bounced from one place to another.” He said sometimes publishers add these networks to their sites on purpose to make extra money, but sometimes the publishers, and even the advertisers, are unaware of...

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