March 2017

New client

Maynard chooses RecruiterWEB to be its website partner.   About Maynard   Established in 2002, Maynard is an Executive Search firm operating in the international markets for Tunnelling & Underground Structures, Rail, and Renewables project personnel. From inception to date, we have operated a search model to target personnel from the international markets. This approach has given us a commanding track record of excellence in the delivery of key talent...

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Best deals possible

Motivation - People fall into two camps which are motivation away from failure or motivation towards success. They follow these patterns in typically one style or the other for the majority of their decisions. However, people can switch back and forth to suit a circumstance. Money works in both these motivation types Money - Proven many times not to be a motivating factor and Millennials come...

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Recruiter female

Millennials have got a bad reputation. They are unfairly judged as being lazy and entitled. However, they have mastered the art of working smarter not harder, and they are not afraid to think outside the box. What’s more, they are masters of social media and technology, and they are also keen to lead, even if they are not in a leadership position. There are, in...

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