May 2018

Confused lady

Chatbots have been a relatively recent addition to the market, and many companies are already making the most of this technology by creating systems that make certain processes a lot easier. There are many industries that have benefited as a result of this, and recruitment is just one of them.   The chatbots that are on the market at the moment work using artificial intelligence, and fall...

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Recruitment website design

Learn Train Recruit has gone live with RecruiterWEB. The site publishes both job content and training content, it is hooked up to our content marketing services for blogs and SEO will start in the third quarter. LTR saw the advantage of our pricing when compared to other vendors who quoted £250 per month to £500 per month for life. Based on those numbers the savings we...

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While I think

When you are trying to build up a recruitment business, nothing is more important than the relationships you create with the people you choose to interact with. The good news is that in the digital world, these relationships are even easier to make than ever before due to the help of social media. Not only has it become a popular way to communicate, but for...

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