October 2018

Image of female doctor

Pros   It makes the job applications a one/two click process for those with a LinkedIn account. It gets you engagement without any delay. It relieves the user of needing an up to date CV. It unifies the application standard across countries/continents. It allows a GDPR compliant data exchange. Tracking the application process route and provide vital statistics to you about the wider value of LinkedIn...

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Design geek

We are making a series of blog post to explain what works when making a recruitment website design, or what might not work. This post is about staff directory pages and what are the pros and cons of having your staff on your website.   Pros   Personal marketing works, all the stats confirm it which makes for a compelling reason to have profiles. They provide a genuine...

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Mobile recruitment rules

Pros   User experience is specifically designed for mobile screen size/performance on a mobile. Can be tuned to the needs of mobile first indexing by Google better than responsive design. Can carry a message more suited to mobile user’s attention span. Great place to use video instead of words to explain your brand. Better meet the expectations of the mobile generation. Better able to set your...

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