Cooper Lomaz moves to RecruiterWEB

Thank you to Cooper Lomaz who have decided to leave they past supplier Volcanic and to move to RecruiterWEB. They took up our lift and shift design offer and in the process saved £45000+ in their next 5 years SaaS fees.


But the story does not end there, we have added 3 new key features to their website that are proven to help recruiters generate sales online. They are our “Candidate Champion” feature, our “Client Campaign” feature and our “Salary Survey Feature”.


In addition to those features, the original site lacked a meet our team feature did not display Cooper Lomaz integration business options wen and we removed numerous bugs the in the original design ad some issues with SEO.


It is a bit of a full-circle moment for our founder because he lives in Cambridgeshire, where amongst other locations Cooper Lomaz dominates the local recruitment market and because 20+ years ago under the guidance of Tony Byrne Darren (our founder) provided some sales training courses to Cooper Lomaz staff.