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About Us



Mystery shopping research conducted each year demonstrated that we are able to save recruiters £10000 to £60,000 over 3-5 years based upon ur competitors prices. But don’t be confused because our sites are low cost, not low quality.

Equally, clients can pay for the setup costs of the website in 12 installments, paid over 1 year and the ongoing support fees are charged monthly with a contract that can be terminated with 30 days notice.

What else can we say about us?

Website and web promotion delivered by ex-recruiters (big billers), managers of recruiters and past owners of recruitment firms.

Today we have 10+ staff members, who work from 6 offices, in three countries.  Our service offering is the lowest priced highest featured service on offer to recruiters, job board entrepreneurs, and corporate recruiters.



Our clients get unlimited support. Yet across 100+ websites, we have under management, we typically get less than five support calls to deal with a month. Why? Well, we built a reliable, easy to use and intuitive recruitment website software, so it pretty much takes care of itself!


Recruitment Knowhow

Our founder was a record breaking biller, manager, then recruitment business owner and then trainer of recruiters. Before opening our software company. 



  • 1st recruitment website to have Google index its jobs.
  • 1st recruitment website with artificial intelligence to attract job seekers.
  • 1st and only recruitment website with a dedicated smartphone in-built.
  • 1st and only recruitment website with a dedicated tablet site in-built.
  • 1st recruitment website with apply/register with a LinkedIn profile.
  • 1st recruitment website with applying with a LinkedIn profile on your mobile.
  • 1st recruitment website with register with a LinkedIn profile on your mobile.
  • 1st recruitment website with apply/register with a Facebook profile.
  • 1st recruitment website with apply/register with a Google profile.
  • Fully integrated social tools for all your social channels.
  • Tens of millions of fee income generated for our clients.



Our product was a market leader the day it came to market and well has always has been bursting with recruitment features. Updates for us then are mostly about keeping operating systems running, ensuring browser compatibility rather than having to re-invent our job search four times a month. That is also why our running cost for clients are the lowest in the industry.