Age UK and the REC united to fight age discrimination in jobs market

The REC is active in all areas of support for the recruitment and employment sector.  Tackling age discrimination is a key part of that.

Kevin Green, chief executive of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, says:

“There is an enormous skills crisis looming. The UK is suffering from skills shortages across the economy and at the same time businesses say they can’t take on more work without more staff.

“Older workers have a huge amount of experience, skill and knowledge to offer organisations. To encourage older people to stay in the labour market employers need to be more effective at attracting and retaining older workers. That’s why we are so passionate about working with Age UK on this important initiative.

“Simple things like changes to the language used in job descriptions and where roles are advertised could be significant. We want hirers to work alongside specialist recruiters who understand the benefits that older workers can bring, and who can help tailor job roles to meet their needs. Together we can rid the labour market of outdated prejudice and create a fairer and more productive economy.”

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Darren Revell