All you need to know about mobile recruitment websites/career sites

OK, so with so much hype about how Google will drop you if you are not mobile, and with so many web developers climbing over themselves to give you a ‘Responsive Design’ and a handful offering a ‘Dedicated Mobile Design’, we thought it not a bad time to explain all.

Google and your rankings

Unless you had/have an extensive web promotion strategy using SEO and the like, you are not likely to have had any rankings to lose.  So that means you are being scaremongered into making purchases you don’t need to make if it is just about Google.  If you do have an extensive web promotion strategy using SEO, and your suppliers did not put you on a mobile platform in 2009, then talk to your marketing firm or head of marketing.  Needing a mobile site for the sake of the user has long since been a need if you want to satisfy your clients/candidates.

Responsive mobile design

What is it?  Well, it is a way of making the graphics of your website alter the size and shape of your design according to the size of the screen the visitor is viewing your site on.  Clever stuff, hey?  No, not really – you see, this is a very simple task for any developer to deliver, and well, in fairness it is just a bit lazy.  When you take a proper look at mobile web users, ‘Responsive’ works for simple sites that have no real workflow to them, but when you need to follow a workflow, that is when Responsive gets a bit… well.. shite.  Not only because not all workflows can be re-sized well, but not all workflow steps you would expect a user to be able to complete on a PC or Laptop can be done, or done easily, on a mobile.  Take CVs: know anyone who has one stored on their mobile in Word?  Nope, me neither.  So responsive is the lazy web developer’s answer to mobile, or in most cases the developer just does not understand recruitment and/or recruitment workflows.

Dedicated mobile design

Now we might sound a bit biased here since we have the largest installed client base of ‘Dedicated mobile design’ websites for recruiters, but it is not arrogance which motivated us to go this way for our clients. It was because any serious website owner who has a workflow for customers to follow on the global stage (think eBay, Amazon, John Lewis, etc.) all have ‘Dedicated mobile design’.  So we thought “let’s do that as well”; now our clients have the option to have a ‘responsive design’, but so far just 1 in 100 have taken that option when they have understood the full workflow implications.

Smartphones & Tablets

Mobile is not all about Smartphone users.  We get 14,000,000+ visits to our clients’ sites per month; about 40% of that is from a mobile device.  About a third of that is a Tablet user. Our research suggests the Smartphone user is predominantly the job seeker and the Tablet user is predominantly the employer.

What does it cost to go mobile?

We have seen prices from £0 to £12,000 quoted.  Our price for new clients is £0 because we give a dedicated mobile recruitment website to all our new clients since 2009.  If you take the advanced site option we give you a dedicated Tablet user site as well.  But your typical developer will want £1500 to add responsive to your site, and so far nobody has been ready to tackle dedicated.

Build it and they will come

Sorry, this is not Hollywood and you are not in the “Field of Dreams’ (it’s a movie reference – look it up).  Just because you have a mobile site does not mean you will get more mobile traffic; like all traffic, you have to go win it and have strategies to do so.  Not all of which have to be paid for – that is to say, it is not a marketing task.  It could be as simple as your job alerts sent by email directing the recipients to the mobile version of the job page. Over time, this will form a habit for them to check your mobile site for other jobs.


So there you have it, mobile and recruitment.  If you need to know more or want to know how to convert your current site, drop us a line.

Darren Revell

Please note I am Dyslexic, and in my form, I am blind to grammar, and sometimes I get my fors and fours, etc. backwards.  I am not stupid – in fact, my IQ and EQ are both quite high.  Please keep that in mind when you read my posts.  Thanks.