Almost half of UK employees don’t think their boss is worth their salary

It has been revealed that 44% of employees think that they could do their boss’ job as well as they do or better. Brand new research has shown that 40% of Brits don’t think their boss is worth their salary, with those working in the North East agreeing with this statement the most.

Shockingly, the survey by found that 30% of female workers said they wouldn’t be able to do their boss’ job, whereas just 17% of men agreed with this statement. The survey of 2000 employed Brits also asked people to rate their boss’ skill set and found that 64% of UK employees rated their manager’s approachability as good or excellent.

60% praised their supervisors’ availability to them, 51% rated their organisation skills as good or excellent and 42% commended their conflict management. However, only 27% of respondents rated their boss’ communication well.

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