An interview with a hacker

Me: So if you were going to hack say, a recruitment website. Would you hack a recruitment website with a candidate zone, where personal data is stored. Or would you hack a recruitment website that stores no personal data as is does not need a candidate zone to make its features work?


Putin (not his real name): Ah Darrenski, this is your famous British humour, that is why they call you mushroom da? Because you are a fungi.


Me: No it’s a real question.


Putin (not his real name): I think you are a couple of dancers short of a ballet, but of course the recruitment website with the candidate zone I will hack. Why would I hack a site with no data?


Me: So glad we make recruitment websites without the need to store candidates data, and have offered all past clients and update. I mean, we love Putin (not his real name) but having him rummage around in our servers is not so cool.


OK so it is a bit of humour, or is it? Have a candidate zone for sanity not vanity or the arrogance of your vendors desire to be a cyber geekboard warrior.


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