Blogs: do they work, and if they do, how do you make them work for your website?

As we supply blogging services, you can bet we are going to say yes – they work! And so it is just a case of making them have value for you and your business.

My top 5 tips are:


Very little blogging in the business-to-business community can support itself without having an email marketing campaign to back it up. My view is that candidates and clients of recruiters will not be going to Google and other search engines and searching for the must-have blog to follow and/or comment on. So email becomes a natural ally to get readers to your content. So if you operate a stand-alone blog and/or an integrated blog to your website, upload your client and candidate email data to it and send out invites and/or match them up to blog ideas that are going to be of universal use. Examples could be advice for employers on how AWR works for them, etc.


Blogs do well when supported by images, infographics and video. Your key goal is to inform and draw debate; images can provoke a response unlike any other medium.

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Check your facts, then check them again, and be prepared to defend/publish your sources if you have not already. We all love statistics – and we all like to prove and or disprove their validity.


Give something away that is of value to your readership – a guide on a subject or a how-to on a subject. This will draw in the community to you and bring them back in the future if there is an offer of future benefit. In the spirit of giving things free, anyone reading this blog who wants a report on their website, drop us a line and we will give you a free review of what the site is doing well and what it might improve.


Link out to other bloggers, and don’t be afraid of their knowledge being better than yours. The idea is to put out content that is of benefit to your community and not to just try to sell, sell, sell to your past and future customer base. Again, to prove the concept that linking out works, take a look at what Linkology has put together on blogging advice by clicking the logo below.




Darren Revell