Bounce-back tips for recruiters – jobs on your website


Top tips for how your recruitment website can help you with the bounce-back the recruitment industry needs.


  1. Connect your website to Google for Jobs; it will aggregate your content for free.
  2. Block sites you did not permit to aggregate your jobs; they are stealing your online presence with every job they scrape.
  3. Put every job you get on your website.
  4. Share every job from your website with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.
  5. Raise the quality of what you write in your job adverts.
  6. Follow up all responses and put the human back in recruitment.
  7. Promote your job alert feature.
  8. Budgets permitting, consider jobs by text.
  9. Add a voicemail option to your job pages so candidates can leave you voice messages for your job adverts.
  10. Simplify your application process to the essentials; candidate portals and needing to register to apply suck for the candidate experience. Have direct applications methods instead.