Can artificial intelligence solve sexism at work?

Wow – could the age of the machine finally be upon us?


A scientist has invented an artificially intelligent recruiter, in a bid to stop ingrained “old boys” bias in the industry.

London-based Tom Bowles created the software with the intent to replace human head-hunters who are biased towards white, male Oxbridge educated candidates.

The Evening Standard reports that the artificial intelligence (AI) can tell if a candidate has performed particularly well with a company after moving to a new city, and can identify rapid career progression.

Bowles said that by analysing these factors, the AI “knows” if a person would be right for a company — removing unconscious bias towards certain groups that employers may have.

“By looking at each individual in the context of what they have achieved, within their relevant field, biases like gender or location can be minimised,” he said.



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