How you can use Facebook pixels for recruitment marketing

When you are thinking about your recruitment marketing strategy, there are many things that you can do as a way of improving the outcome of your search. One aspect of your recruitment drive should always be social media, as there are many ways in which this can be used to your advantage. If you are currently thinking about how you can better make use of social media in this respect, then you should think about Facebook pixels, and the difference that this could make to you.


What is a pixel?

To use its simplest description, a pixel is a kind of code that can be used to collect an audience through the advertising platform that is provided by Facebook. There are a number of stages in the process of using pixels, and each of these is important to understand if you want to be able to use them to the best possible effect.


Collecting audiences from websites: By using the ad manager that Facebook provides, you can create a pixel, alongside which you will be given a tracking code in the form of HTML that you can place on any site that you own that you would like to collect audiences from. When this has been installed, you can ensure that it is working properly by using a plugin for your browser that has been provided by Facebook. This gives you a good idea of how effective the collection is.


Retarget the audience: Once you know that the audience is available, it is important that you use it effectively and retarget it. Using the information that you have collected, you will be able to create groups of people to whom you can then send targeted ads, and because they are relevant to the correct audience, there is a much better chance of the ads being successful.


How to make the most of pixels for your recruitment strategy

Now you know what pixels are, you should think carefully about exactly how you are going to use them to your best possible advantage. There are a few groups of people who you could target, and you can send them to the correct place on your website.


– Those who have been onto your website but haven’t been to your ATS clearly have an interest in your company as a brand, so you should send them to your careers page to show them the jobs that you have open.


– Those who have made a search on your ATS but haven’t sent an application can be sent to the page where the applications are made. There may have been something that stopped them from finding their way to the page, so by making this easier, you could improve the chances of receiving a higher number of applications.


– People who have started their application, but haven’t completed it. There are many reasons why this might have been the case, but a good thing to do here is to show them things that remind them of everything good about your company, and the reasons they might have been interested in joining you in the first place. Show them stories of current employees, and this could well inspire them to finish their application.


These tips should certainly help you to use Facebook pixels to your advantage. Social media gives you an amazing chance to connect with millions of different people, and by making the most of the techniques available, you have a great chance of finding the ideal people to work for you.