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We focus on children's charities and PTSD

RecruiterWEB’s founder, Darren Revell, was diagnosed with Complex PTSD following a childhood drowning experience at 5-years old. Darren spent a few uncomfortable years around water nearly drowning twice more while trying to beat his fear of water until he learned to swim at 17. 


Four years later (1977) Darren’s father was killed in a motor vehicle accident. The accident came about as his father had been sold an unroadworthy car, like many small boys Darren’s father was his hero. As a result of the accident and losing his father his family was thrown into poverty. The generosity of his local community and his industrious nature meant Darren always found a way to get money for his mum to help with the load. The PTSD got locked away at this point, as Darren had cars to wash, boats to paint and money to raise for his mum he was now the man of the house at 9 years old (though he quickly became a ‘New Man’ as the house was full of strong female role models like his mum, nan & sister). It was the beginning of the businessman training one might say.


The PTSD resurfaced in 2011 when Darren moved to a new home in Cambridgeshire and had a near-death experience from an insect bite that caused a toxic shock and started to shut down his organs. We now call him lucky after the dog in the ‘More Than’ adverts if you ever saw these. This event triggered the Complex PTSD to come out. It took several years to find the right help and then he found Bev Gold who has helped him recover from PTSD as has his long suffering wife and new life hero his son. Others we know are not so fortunate and so that is why we help where we can £100 from every website sale goes to our PTSD charity.


Darren started a love affair with cars at 9 years old by working with a local car repairer and he is at his happiest when he has a Mk1 Ford Escort Mexico, RS2000 or Datsun 240z, a bit of wet and dry sandpaper in his hands and a few hours to block sand a classic in readiness for its rejuvenating coat of paint.


Today our charitable efforts reflect Darren’s passion to help those most in need, one of the biggest needs Darren found was in his travels around rural areas in the Ukraine. Touched by the kindness and the spirit of the people he met in the Ukraine, RecruiterWEB have had a 14-year relationship with the country and we make regular monthly contributions to children’s orphanages via the official Government charity donation process.


Our chosen charity for PTSD is:


Darren Revell