How chatbots can aid your recruitment drive

Chatbots have been a relatively recent addition to the market, and many companies are already making the most of this technology by creating systems that make certain processes a lot easier. There are many industries that have benefited as a result of this, and recruitment is just one of them.


The chatbots that are on the market at the moment work using artificial intelligence, and fall into two categories: those that work with a binary system, and those that use machine learning. If your company is able to create a chatbot that works effectively, it can be used during the recruitment process to do jobs such as removing unsuitable candidates from the process or creating reports on applications.


An example of this tech being used specifically for recruitment is the creation of Mya. This bot is able to talk to candidates via message, and can both record data provided by them and also answer any questions that they may have. This can cut out a lot of the work of the recruitment process, and can help to narrow down the candidates without even demanding any kind of human interaction.


If you are thinking about adding some kind of chatbot to your recruitment process, there are a number of reasons that you should think about doing this, as we have outlined below.


Candidates will be more satisfied

When you are hiring, it is important that your candidates have the best possible experience of the process. If you have a hiring experience that is better than your competitors, you may attract a better calibre of candidates. The best way to do this is to speed up the process of candidates receiving replies after submitting their application. A chatbot would give instant responses, therefore making the whole process much faster than previously.


You can build a rapport with your candidates

Building rapport with a chatbot can be an effective strategy, as the bot can react quickly to what the candidate says by providing suitable responses. It is also a great way of collecting information about candidates, which can then be used further down the recruitment process.


Arrange meetings or phone calls with candidates

It can take a lot of time and effort to set up meetings with candidates; however, you should find that a chatbot can do this instantly. They will have the knowledge about available times readily available, which means that meeting times can be arranged quickly – therefore improving the whole process for all.


Find the most qualified candidates

A huge part of hiring is being able to pick out the best possible candidates for the role, and a chatbot can do this effectively by asking questions and gaining information about the qualifications and skills of applicants. This means that the best-suited candidates will ultimately be sent for each role, meaning that it is more likely that vacancies will be filled quickly.

Ultimately, there is no doubt that chatbots can be effective as a part of the recruitment process. By making the most of the ability of the tech, you can be sure that your company can gain the best possible benefit – so it is certain that it is worth considering this possibility.