Clear Edge Global goes live

Clear Edge Global has selected RecruiterWEB as its website partner.


About Clear Edge Global


Broad horizons, niche focus


Our network is worldwide, yet our focus is niche and local.


Clear Edge was established by a group of highly experienced recruitment consultants. We recognised that while local knowledge and niche expertise are vitally important, they’re even more powerful as part of a truly connected global network. Starting in London, we’ve been expanding our reach ever since.


A world of experience


Unlike many competitors, our recruiters are not fresh-faced graduates or generalists. We employ highly experienced recruiters who lead the way in a niche area. For you, this means access to a huge range of people and opportunities, through collaborative international teams uniquely placed to find them.


Outstanding service


We believe it’s important to actually meet our clients and candidates. We travel to visit them wherever they are in the world, and get to know them personally. This is how we strike up our lasting partnerships.

As we develop, our reputation goes before us. Our strong track record has allowed us to work with the very best people in each field, to build a presence in over 30 countries, and ultimately to open doors for clients and candidates. 


The website can be found here: