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We have worked with third-party vendors since 2004. We have integrated with most vendors be that via their API or our open XML interface.


Working with other vendors is possible in almost all circumstances. The other vendor invariably dictates how smooth that process will be, based upon their desire to help their client. Some vendors we have worked with have been a dream and some a nightmare.


Dream vendors


Bullhorn, Vincere, Idibu, Logic Mellon, and Paiger, to name but a few, are all top vendors and dreams to work with. Their API or use of open XML offerings work well and allow the client and us to set the websites up to suit the needs of the web.


Nightmare vendors


There are a few, but we have saved their blushes. They tend to be vendors that lose sight of their clients’ needs, offering at times integrations that will destroy SEO, and give away employers’ info for recruiters’ jobs, etc. With so many years of integration under our belt, we have found ways to fix most situations to our clients’ advantage.


In all cases, we are here to support your needs and give impartial advice, but we will call out bad service if you are getting it and then help you get a better deal.



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Our clients say it best…

“Darren and his team gave us the clear and best advice for our project. In particular, they took care of all third parties in different times zones, which frankly I would not have had the time or patience for. Truly a great joined up service”.


Harry Bigwood