XML, API, iFrame, Script, Sub Domain...

RecruiterWEB has worked with 3rd Party vendors since 2004, we have integrated with most vendors be that via their API or our open XML interface.


Working with other vendors is possible in almost all circumstances, the other vendor invariably dictates how smooth that process will be based upon their desire to help their client. Some vendors we have worked with have been a dream and some a nightmare.


Nightmare vendors tend to lose sight of their clients needs, offering at times integrations that will destroy SEO, give away employers info for recruiters jobs etc. With so many years of integration under our belt we have found ways to fix most situations to our clients advantage. In all cases RecruiterWEB is here to support your needs and give impartial advice.

Hesketh James

Our clients say it best…

RecruiterWeb helped us build a great site and then integrate seamlessly with Bullhorn. They
were very supportive of our needs and managed the process from beginning to end


Amanda Hesketh