Volcanic vs RecruiterWEB

Client stories


5 year saving with RecruiterWEB of £50,000


5 year saving with RecruiterWEB of £13,000


5 year saving with RecruiterWEB of £10,200


5 year saving with RecruiterWEB of £9,700


What other value can RecruiterWEB offer? Here is our magnificent 7.


  1. All features are available to all customers in the one price plan.
  2. Bug-free software. We have not had a core system bug to fix in our code since 2009.
  3. Robust servers that do not get overloaded.
  4. No delays in the delivery of updates.
  5. individual or new feature can be made for clients so we are not restricted by SaaS principal of sone software for all.
  6. Our approach to GDPR is the most risk-free of any dedicated recruitment website vendor as we store no personal data/special data.
  7. Our approach to mobile allows for a unique mobile user experience and bespoke SEO tuning for Googles mobile-first index policy.


What myths can we bust being said about us when people move to us?


1 A salesperson told our clients by email our websites have no SEO so their jobs won’t be found. This is kind of funny given job pages on our CMS have been being index by Google since 2004. Which is 6 years before Volcanic came to market.

2 Another salesperson told a client moving to us we have only two staff or service will be shit. This link will take you to our team page, as you will see we have a few more than two www.recruiterweb.co.uk/team-recruiterweb.


Diversity Statement: This copy was written by Darren, our founder, who is severely dyslexic. He was assisted by Word & Grammarly, and if they did not catch it, then Darren had no chance ;). If you are still bothered by this, then your prejudice rules you out as being the kind of client we want.


Darren Revell