Are you as confused about employment numbers as us?

With the outing of ‘Fake News’, is it any wonder that we are confused about what numbers to believe post-Brexit and what numbers to ignore as fake news?

So what is to be done about it? Can we trust the press? If yes, is some press to be more trusted than any other?

I have long been a fan of the BBC and Channel 4 news, but even in the recent ‘Fake News’ week by Channel 4, they were guilty of ‘Fake News’ during their outing of ‘Fake News’.

Channel 4 gave the impression that Google is anti-Jewish, for which there is no evidence. The evidence there was is that some people use Google to find websites/content which explains people’s views on Jews or being anti-Jewish.

Despite the highly respected editor of Search Engine Land debunking the fake story they came up with, they persisted with the piece and support of the ‘Fake News’ reporter saying that if people could search for content on anti-Jewish matters on the Google platform, they must be anti-Jewish. By that logic, so is Bing, so are all libraries who hold any books/records of any kind on the subject matter of anti-Semitism, etc.


Darren Revell