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How to make copy convert

Copy needs to establish trust, no trust equals a quick move away from your site. Copy on your site needs to tell a story that get people to a comfortable place and then they convert. Keep in mind they are already at your site because they have decided your ulr, advert, search rankings were worthy of a look. Now you need to turn a look into a hook. That means to take their motivations to be on your website and demonstrate how what you have match their need.


In our case this is website and web promotion, these services improve clients online footprint which leads to increased sales/income. However they may have come to our website out of frustration with their present supplier, lack of credibility with other suppliers and so on. So you need to be more aware than just hooking people into your products and services your frustration free approach, customer centric methods, beyonds the call of duty service approach all has to be on show.


The client arrives at your website as an aware buyer but not yet an expert on your website, so some confusion can take place. Confusion is solved by clarity so say what you do, how you do it , how well you do it, why people like what you do and you are done. Don’t take risks with off the wall ideas unless your in the off the wall service supply market.


Your tone needs to be helpful not a jargon geek to prove your know-how in your space. Not all clients are experts and that is why they need you. Make sure your content expresses how you solve needs.


Keep it simple, your webpages have on job to do, which is present your presage in the aforesaid way. Go look at shopify or think back to Ronseal advert and the catch phrase “it does exactly what it says on the tin” 10 year weather-proof paint being an example of their labelling.


If your message is more complicated than a shopify or Ronseal that is fine, these can be spread out on the page but the message should be consistent and build the case on why you should be used. Don’t count characters make character count is what copywriting guru Barry Feldman says. Check out Barry;s work for more tips on copy.


Keep in mind that the visitor is making an initial skim of your website, so they read the headlines or skip your content and go to contact info or forms.

Darren Revell


Please note I am Dyslexic and in my form I am blind to grammar, and sometimes I get my fors and fours etc backwards.  I am not stupid in fact my IQ and EQ are both quite high.  Please keep that in mind when you read my posts.  Thanks.