Content Services

Not quite Shakespeare, but not far off either...

You’ve got a great design — now keep it fresh and relevant with quality content.


When you partner with RecruiterWEB, we will give your content the regal treatment.


Why? Because, as the saying goes, ‘Content is King’. Content can also be a Queen, Lord, Lady, Duke, Duchess, average man or woman…


So you can expect the full royal treatment from our copywriters without the Paparazzi checking your bins — just great engagement from your clients and candidates past, present and future.


Who knows, content might even be the answer to your GDPR future marketing needs. Well, we rather think it will be.


Blog Creation & Curation

Quality blogs build a quality following, and with that quality following you can ensure your brand is fully engaged with and so drives essential inbound engagement.


Salary Surveys & Payment Advice

Salary advice is the 3rd most requested information in search engines, next to training advice and job searches. So offering advice in this area will bring quality repeat traffic to your site.


Market Surveys & White Papers

Build your brand credibility with your clients


News, Newsletters & Press Releases

Shine a light on what you know and then let your audience 'read all about it'

Our clients say it best…

RecruiterWeb have delivered a great website, with extensive follow up support
and within a budget that was the best on offer. I can’t recommend RecruiterWEB
highly enough.


Rob Hamilton