What employees really Google

Here is just a fantastic piece of research from DPG. They have broken down in a very clear and concise way what employees are doing on Google. Fab research for anyone wanting to find topics that they can create content for, for the passive job seeker. I mean, how long would you want to work with a room full of racists?

The blog begins with the following:

“My Colleagues are Racist”

There are 2.4 million searches for the term ‘job search’ each year – a surprising 273 searches each hour – and a significant spike in searches every January. We took a look to see what insight Google could shed on why so many people were looking for jobs in this period. Was it because they were simply looking for progression? Or maybe they were unhappy?

January is a notoriously bleak month for many, and the media construct of Blue Monday – whilst somewhat dubious – does seem to have some credence. Lengthy stretches between paydays after an expensive festive period and traditionally dreary weather certainly can have a bearing on happiness levels, and can lead to workers reassessing their situation and subsequently looking to pastures new.

Another media construct, ‘National Job Hunting Day’, landing early in January around the 7th, also holds some traction. Google Trends data clearly shows significant spikes in job search activity each January.

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Darren Revell