Facebook Starts Publishing the New York Times, BuzzFeed via its ‘Instant Articles’ Program

Is it the beginning of the end for publishers or the end of the beginning when you let Facebook take control of your content?

I read a post that likened Facebook to a big dog that is running towards you in a park: you hope it is going to like you, but it might just bite you.. or something to that effect.

The social network now has over 1.3 billion users, and well, that is a lot of readers, or one-fifth of the planet if you are crazy about stats.  Trouble is, to satiate the beast it has to keep on with its relentless drive towards growth in new markets, and with its newsfeed feature, it is producing article content worthy of some prize or another.

So do you stand and wait for the bite or do you start running?  For sure, the owners of Facebook are still trying to tell us it is a friendly mutt!!!!

Here is that article I mentioned…


Darren Revell
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