Frequently Asked Support Questions

How well do you do at support?

RecruiterWEB websites tend not to go wrong, as our technology is very robust. That robustness can be demonstrated in many ways, for example:


  • Service uptime over 4000+ days is 99.997% uptime. To put that into real-world terms, the largest recruitment website vendor (and the most expensive) had more downtime in April 2018 in one day than we have had in nearly 14 years.


  • On average, we have one support request from our total client base per week. 99% of those support requests are to be reminded of how to activate a task in site admin. Of the remaining 1%, almost all of those are problems other vendors have caused.


  • We have not had to fix a core system bug since 2009.


  • 98% of our clients stay with us. Of the 2 percent that did not, the majority were start-up recruiters who sadly did not make it.


But as ever, we are here to help, so if you are curious, here are the answers to the most common questions we are asked. If you need something else, then contact us in the usual way.

How do I get to the site admin?

Admin view

  • To get to your site admin page, you need to put /admin at the end of your web address (URL) like so: You will then be taken to the admin page and see this kind of feature to login. Enter your login and password, and you will be taken into the site admin.


  • You can have multiple kinds of admin account based upon the user’s rights. The admin session will also self-expire if it is left dormant for a period, to prevent accidental human error in leaving the admin area open.


  • If you forget your password at any point, then please contact us.

Why can't I see the changes I made on the live site, only in admin?

RecruiterWEB does not get many client support requests on a monthly basis, as our systems are very robust. However, this is the number one support question we get asked after a client has made some changes to their website.


The problem where you can see your changes in the admin but not on the live site occurs 

because your computer has taken a copy of the page/pages you have visited and placed these in your computer’s memory (cache). This feature was invented by the computer operating system developers to speed up the loading of web pages (and other tasks). This software is the cause of your issue, not a problem with your website.


This site has some handy tips for all browser types on how to clear their cache. Be sure to clear your cache and not your cookies, as you may need those cookies for other sites you visit.


Pro tip: On a MAC, if you just want to refresh the page to clear the cache, you hold down the command key and the letter r at the same time. On a Microsoft PC, it is the control and f5 key (Ctrl+F5).


P.S. Some computer operating systems are very stubborn and will not give up their cache at the first attempt, so you can sometimes have to clear the cache more than once. In a few cases, the only way to clear the cache is to restart your computer.

I added/changed some text and the page/content is formatted wrong. What happened?

The most likely cause is that content has been copied and pasted from MS Word without removing the style format. As a result, this breaks the layout of the page. You are best to use the ‘paste from Word’ feature in our CMS, which removes the majority of known format issues. The alternative is to clean the text before you load it using tools like Microsoft Notepad or online tools like this one:


Microsoft presents the most significant issues for websites with their numbering and bullet points features; those are best set using the website admin’s own numbering/bullet point tools.

Why can't I see my website?

OK, so first things first. It is likely your website is not in fact down. We check our sites every 60 seconds and have services/procedures in place to bring sites back up 24/7, 365 days per year. If it is down, you will be getting e-mails from us to tell you that it is down and what we are doing to fix it. So why is it happening?


It happens for two primary reasons.


1: The number one reason for our clients’ websites being down, since 2004 and counting, is that clients forget to renew their domain names and so their web address is taken offline by their domain service provider. Pay your provider, and they will put your web address back online, then your website will come back online.


2: Sometimes you will experience a problem with the internet itself, which is a congestion/a problem on the route your internet service provider has taken you on to get to your site. A simple test you can perform to check this is to call your website up on your mobile, using your mobile data, not the same wifi as your computer. We ask you not to use the same wifi because your internet service provider could send your phone via the same path, which gives us a false impression that the site is down. If your website is live on your mobile, using mobile data, then this confirms the web has a blockage.


What to do if there is an internet blockage


Imagine the blockage is much like a traffic jam. In theory, when your internet service provider spots one of these jams, they are meant to re-route traffic, and route that traffic to a competitor and pay for it if they have to. As you can imagine, not all companies follow this policy and/or invoke this policy soon enough. This gives you the problem.


To find out where the blockage is, we need to perform a traceroute from your computer to the website; this shows the path/route your service provider is taking. You can then report this to your ISP, and we can report this to our server team, and they will push a message out the other way.

Can my website be connected to Broadbean, idibu, Logic Mellon and other job posting tools?

Yes, RecruiterWEB made an API for job posters to use in 2004, and it is entirely free of charge to use. We have set up a particular page for job posters, which gives them the exact XML code they need to send jobs and to take applications back via their tracking systems if you buy the tracking services as well.


We do not charge for this use of this API, and it requires no technical support to use it. If your job posting service provider makes mistakes with the integration, as one of them does in almost all cases, then we do charge an hourly rate to correct the errors your service provider makes with the feed.

Can I connect my website to my ATS?

Since 2004, any ATS provider has been able to connect to a RecruiterWEB website. The most common way to integrate is to use the same API as the job posters use, but your ATS vendor may wish to have integration performed another way. For example, with Bullhorn, we use their API, and so we pull job data from Bullhorn, rather than having them push job data to us via our API. Their API also permits CV data to be sent, etc.


Over the years, we have made connections to most vendors, and the door is always open. However, some of what the vendors may wish to offer you can replace and/or disrupt your web presence negatively, and so before ordering a website it is wise to check what your ATS vendor will let you do and what they won’t let you do.

What do I need to know about GDPR and a RecruiterWEB website?

RecruiterWEB has taken the most robust approach of any recruitment website vendor towards GDPR. 99% of our customers have elected to take our RWEB Recruiter product in the standard form, which stores no candidate data and has no candidate portal. The client loses no features with this approach; they only lose major risks associated with GDPR, the biggest of which is that the data held in the website portal will go out of date.


Candidates also like it because the process to apply for jobs, register for work, set up job alerts, send CV updates, etc. has all become quicker and more straightforward.


The standard site having no data means it is of no value to a data-led hacker. The best way to deal with cybersecurity is to have no data you need to keep secure. This is why we are confident that regardless of any ISO, Cyber Essentials or any other qualification, we are guaranteed to be the lowest-risk recruitment website vendor.


P.S. We are taking the Cyber Essentials route.

Does my site have SEO?

First off, SEO is not one thing. Those who say a site ‘has SEO’ are effectively telling you a Rugby player has sports.


SEO comes in 4 forms, which are listed as follows:


Technical SEO


How well your website is made, how it has kept pace with technical updates recommended by SEOs, how fast your servers are, etc.


On-Page SEO


What content you have on your site, how well it is written, what needs it covers and how well it is used at the customer level and the search engine bot level.


Off-Page SEO


What sites link to your website and what websites you link to gives Google a way to rate and trust your website.


Social Media


Causation or Correlation SEOs don’t agree, but having a robust social presence helps SEO.


So how does RecruiterWEB stack up here?


Technical SEO – We delivered the first recruitment website where the search engine could find, read and index the job content. Need we say more?


On-Page SEO – We have been advising recruiters since 2004 on what to write, when to write it, how to write it and where to write it.


Off-Page SEO – We have been advising recruiters since 2004 on where to get links and where to link to.


Social Media – We partner with industry experts on Social, as it is an expert subject matter.


To access our Technical SEO updates, read about our FutureProofing services here.

What other support can I get?

We are here to help.


Our founder was a trainee recruitment consultant, recruiter, manager of recruiters and eventually an investor in a recruitment company. He also happens to be dyslexic and, like many of our clients, is not really a techie, which is why our website admin tools are easy to use and suit people with even the most basic technical skills.


Standard support:


  • All our clients can make unlimited support requests.
  • All our clients are trained in how to use their website admin, multiple times.
  • We have videos on our training channel to cover all aspects of website admin.
  • We have quick reference guides in PDF format to support the videos.


Optional support:


  • You can outsource all website admin tasks to us.
  • You can outsource part of the admin tasks to us.
  • You can pay a one-off fee per task you don’t think you can complete.
  • You can pay to have a bespoke video training file of your actual website.

Where can I find your training videos?

Here is a link to our training videos:


Our clients say it best…

Why have a Ninja when you can have a Jedi to trouble shoot your problems. If Starwars was real then the RecruiterWEB would be the Jedi’s of support.


Stephen Turnock