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OK, so when you partner with RecruiterWEB for your website you have already invested in the most advanced website for recruiters there is. However, time does not stand still and so we have a ‘FeatureProofing’ program which is an optional service for our clients to add new features and services throughout the life of our relationship.


‘FeatureProofing’ can be accessed in three forms, firstly you can decide your site is advanced enough and ignore the service. Inaction is, after all, an action. About 70% of our current client base have never needed their sites features updated because we made the best product first time round.


The second option is to dip in and out of adding features as and when it suits you. You pick the new features you want and add them as you want them on a pay as you go basis. About 15% of our clients follow this path.


The third option is to pay a fixed monthly fee and new features will be added to your site automatically. Even when you take this option our websites are still 150% to 500% less expensive to operate than like for like business models from our industry peers.


So how does this differ from our competition?


Of the other vendors, only two have a continual update program which delivers updates to their clients and you have no option but to opt in.


The other major difference to our ‘FeatureProof’ plan, is they are 150 – 500% less expensive than our industry peers. Numbers that can be independently verified.


FeatureProofing & Growth Driven Design

Candidate Conversions

Advancements in candidate attraction, retention and conversion sit at the heart of our FeatureProofing agenda.


FeatureProofing & Growth Driven Design

Client Generation & Rentention

Gaining and keeping clients attracted to your brand sits at the heart of a client FeatureProofing strategy.


FeatureProofing & Growth Driven Design

Search Engine & Web Promotion

Your website is only as good as Google thinks it is, best explains the growth in marketing power we are following for our future site ranking tools and goals.


FeatureProofing & Growth Driven Design

GDPR, ePrivacy & Cyber Security

Keeping you straight with the authorities and away from the attention of criminals is at the top of our security and compliance strategy.

Our clients say it best…

RecruiterWeb has produced a highly advanced website with a video portal for us to display key candidates, interviews we have held with them in video format and general profile emails. The bespoke feature has made our service offering unique and saved us fees of thousands per month.


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