Forcing candidates to build an account with your recruitment website needs to be consigned to history.

1. Storing personal data in your website is like waving a flag to hackers. You are going to get burnt.


2. If you need a portal for your job seekers integrate your ATS with your website. Safer and more secure, plus the data is where it is needed.


3. GDPR best practise is not to duplicate data storage and given the data in the recruitment website is not being worked, it is going out of date at a rapid rate. Another GDPR fail is to keep data which could cause a candidate to be screened out by mistake of not having the right data on them.


4. Generally, the cost of having the feature is higher, like some vendors are charging £250 to £1200 a month and the reason is you have a candidate portal.


5. Every time a client moves to RecruiterWEB from a competitor we find in 100% of cases the candidate data stored in the websites own database is never visited by their staff. The re-engagement of candidates with the website portal data is less than 10% of the candidates. Proof positive the feature is redundant to both parties.


Please note I am Dyslexic and in my form I am blind to grammar, and sometimes I get my fors and fours etc backwards.  I am not stupid in fact my IQ and EQ are both quite high.  Please keep that in mind when you read my posts.  Thanks.


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