Get your On-Page right.

Get your On-Page right.


So On-Page is SEO speak to the content you can place on your site, and the places and ways you can place content on the site. An excellent resource for SEO reading his Moz, here is a page they have about On-Page SEO.


Content for the spider


So some of what On-Page SEO is about is placing content in places we know spider from Google specifically look. These would be places like the page URL, page Title, H1 tags (H2 tags etc.), names of your images, manes of your PDF files, names of your internal page links and of course in the body of the text.

Some SEO’s really obsessed about these things and even site one or more of them as the holy grail, in reality, it is just good SEO housekeeping because when you have worked on SEO projects for multiple sites, for various years you will find that you can cross all the proverbial t’s and still be ranked on page 100!!!


Content for the readers


In general, Google likes pages that answer the who, what, when, why, how needs of their audience and when they introduce a new language into our lives like “near me” they like the page to include some specific content.

Clients often ask me what they should place on their websites to rank? To which, I say have jobs, blogs, case studies, salary surveys, general surveys and of course to content about your brand.

Jobs are a no brainer because they are aimed at active job seekers, but blogs, case studies, salary surveys, general surveys etc. can all be angled content-wise to match searches made by passive job seekers and of course new business clients.

Google for jobs is an excellent example of answering the what question for job seekers on the jobs you have and the location questions that Google for jobs asks of you neatly fit the best fit for the logic used by Google’s near me philosophy.


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