How getting the basics right in social media can help develop your fledgling recruitment business

When you are trying to build up a recruitment business, nothing is more important than the relationships you create with the people you choose to interact with. The good news is that in the digital world, these relationships are even easier to make than ever before due to the help of social media. Not only has it become a popular way to communicate, but for many it is now the first choice when wanting to speak to either a recruiter or recruitment business. Social media allows the process to be sped up a lot, and now the right person can be contacted almost immediately. There are a number of things that you should think about in this respect, to ensure that you can use social media to the best possible effect.


Use social media to look at competitors

If you think of social media almost like a telescope, you will see why it can be such a powerful tool when it comes to looking at other companies. By having a look at the profiles of others in the same industry as you, you will be able to see which areas they are performing well in, and which areas could use some improvement. Then this gives you the chance to fill any potential gaps that you have identified in the industry, making you the go-to company in many ways.


Use each platform differently

It is important to understand that each platform behaves differently, and therefore you are able to target slightly different audiences with each one. For example, Instagram focuses on images, whereas Facebook can combine this with larger segments of text if needed – so you shouldn’t try to make exactly the same posts on each platform. If you can get this right, you should find that you have the flexibility to target a huge portion of people – more than you will have done previously.  LinkedIn, for example, is more professional than either of these, and the tone adopted should be appropriate to that medium.


Make the most of your recruiters’ contacts

If you are trying to get in touch with someone at another company or even a potential candidate, it can often help to find out whether there is anyone who is already working for you who has made a connection to them in the past. The likes of LinkedIn can help you to see this, and by choosing the ideal person to try to make the connection, this gives you the best possible chance of success.


Allow your social media to be used as an additional contact centre

It is likely that you will already have some form of customer service provision, normally through a contact us form, generic email address and a telephone number; however, in this day and age, people like to use social media for this too. You may find that people post issues or concerns on your page, and if this is the case then you should always deal with these issues positively and promptly. The way that you react to these kinds of messages will have an impact on your reputation as a whole, so assigning someone to the task of responding to social media interactions could be a good plan.


No matter whether you’re thinking about online or offline relationships, the types of interactions that are made can make a huge difference to your business. Therefore, social media is something that should be utilised in the best possible way, so by focussing on this you can be sure of a positive outcome.