Getting the hiring budget you need… 3 simple steps

Getting the hiring budget you need… 3 simple steps.


Talent shortages impact the ability to deliver upon business objectives.

54 percent of global employers surveyed indicated talent shortages were impacting their ability to serve client needs, and 42 percent responded that their competitiveness and productivity had been reduced as a result.

So bottom line: your talent budget is about keeping clients and staying competitive. If in doubt, ask your boss which one they want to compromise on if you don’t have the budget you need.


Unfilled positions have a direct daily cost to your company, so work out what that is and then present the bill to your boss. At the same time, tell them that the number one reason people think they have a bad boss or line manager is that they are overworked due to their department size and their job tasks in it.

Women on average work 1.5 hours free of charge per day. That goodwill can only be sustained for so long.


Always be recruiting, even if you have no budget to hire – why? Because not everyone in your team is a keeper, and you never know what is around the corner.

On a more positive note, when someone comes along you know can add more than the sum of their parts (salary, health scheme, onboarding costs, etc.) then budgets can normally be found. Some of the best hires you will make will be those whose business case for hire was made by the skills, and ultimately success, they could bring to your department.