Google for jobs myths #5

Job searches account for some of the largest kind of searches made in Google on a daily, weekly… yearly basis. The bulk of those job searches are made in what the SEO industry deems long-tail (long tail/longtail) searches. 


A long-tail search is a search where the user has made quite a specific search. For example sales jobs is quite generic, whereas FMCG sales job in Yorkshire is quite specific. On the testing we have done of Google for jobs over the past 18 months it has yet to dominate these long-tail search results in any index.


Some of that is due to the way the logic of recording data is set up in Google for Jobs and part of that is still unknown. It will be cool to see what happens int he next 18 months. So if your website is having a success with long-tail traffic then you might instead want to drive your Google for jobs activity via your jobs you post on LinkedIn, Job Boards etc. 


Don’t know if you are getting long tail traffic? Hook your website up to ‘Google Sales Console’ (formerly Google Web Master Tools) wait 30 days and you will see what searches your website ranks for. Wait 90 days you will get even more of a trend and so on.