Google for Jobs optimisation tips for recruiters


The image shows what happens if you do not optimise your jobs and just have your content aggregated but not optimised. 23000 times these clients’ jobs showed up in Google for Jobs, but only 723 ads were visited and just 41 applied for in a 30-day period.


Google for Jobs optimisation tips for recruiters


  1. Make sure you add data for all the fields Google for Jobs asks for. They use this data to help users filter their results, and so many people miss out on providing information for these filters.


  1. Put a better-quality job on your website for Google for Jobs to read; they like quality, so give the most effort to your own site.


  1. Refresh your jobs every 14 days; we are seeing Google for Jobs give priority to fresh data.


  1. Block job aggregators you have not given permission to present your jobs in competition with you on the Google for Jobs platform.


  1. Use a clear job title, and leave out the location; it confuses Google for Jobs tech.


  1. A job with clear pay information gets better conversions on Google for Jobs.


  1. Jobs with clear location information also get better conversions on Google for Jobs.


  1. If you are going to post the job to your website and job board/LinkedIn, then Google for Jobs will merge jobs and at best put apply links to those other sites on your advert, or at worst not display your advert. So write a unique advert for your website.


  1. Post a day early if you can, before you broadcast the job to other job sites, who may be using Google for Jobs to promote your jobs.


  1. If you have branded ads for your clients, make sure that can be shown in Google for Jobs. Branded ads convert better.