How to hit the sweet spot with client generation on your recruitment website

How to hit the sweet spot with client generation on your recruitment website. Yes, potential clients do look for new suppliers, and they start with Google. The kind of searches they make can be broken down into who, what, when, where, why and how type queries; examples follow:


Today we look at the “Who” type queries. “Cybersecurity recruiters London” is an example, and here you want the correct On-Page SEO represented on your key pages to be matched for this term by Google. In a competed-for keyword range like “Cybersecurity recruiters London”, you are likely going to need some Off-Page SEO running to help your site build authority and trust with Google, if you don’t already have it. As a general rule, 10% of this ranking task will about having the right On-Page, and 90% will be about your Off-Page strategy.


So what can you do with your website to help this process along?


Home page – On your home page and in your meta-data, have the keywords Cybersecurity recruiters London. This is On-Page SEO 101. But you can also have these keywords on other pages on your website, like your about us, client/candidate landing pages, jobs pages, blog pages, team member pages, case studies, testimonials, etc.


The trick is to be subtle with the keyword distribution. You do not want to write in complete SEO speak. For example “We are a Cybersecurity recruiters London, and we cover permanent Cybersecurity recruiters London and contract Cybersecurity recruiters London. Whatever your Cybersecurity recruiters London we can help and have a ten-year history of Cybersecurity recruiters London.”


Do you think I exaggerate? Well, content like this exists on the internet and has done so since I started my work in recruitment websites in 2004. So get yourself some clean marketing copy, and if you don’t know how then talk to people like Robert Woodford at ‘The Marketing Junction’ or Mitch Sullivan for how to write engaging job content.


Get your On-Page right and then move on to your Off-Page, which I will cover in a follow-up post. Part two, shall we call it?


Please note I am Dyslexic, and in my form, I am blind to grammar, and sometimes I get my fors and fours, etc. backwards.  I am not stupid – in fact, my IQ and EQ are both quite high.  Please keep that in mind when you read my posts.  Thanks.


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