How to keep your recruitment website legal


Key legal info is needed to the identity of your recruitment firm on your website.


The Companies Act 2006 is one of the UK’s longest pieces of legislation, at more than 700 pages! So to save you a long read we have summarised some basics for your website.


The Act requires you to provide key information about the identity of your company on your website. This information doesn’t need to be on every page, but it does need to be easily found by users of your site. Lots of the info can be carried in your website footer so it is a pretty easy task. But a word of caution quite a lot of recruitment websites we look at don’t have this info on their website or it has been made hard to find, so check yours without delay.


Here is what you need to provide:


  • Company name
  • Company registered number
  • Place of registration, such as England and Wales
  • Registered office address
  • Your company name, postal address and company email address
  • How to contact your business via non-electronic means
  • Your VAT number, even if the website is not being used for eCommerce transactions
  • The name of any trade bodies or professional associations that the business is part of, including membership or registration details.


We suggest your company number/vat number next to your Copywrite message and the rest on your Contact us, and or your Privacy page.


Your present website company not up to the task? Then talk to us about one of our websites today.


Template websites


Clients who choose to use our template design service will pick one of our templates, and then we will customise that template to match their brand colours, fonts etc. and then match the features the website has for tools like the jobs search, Candidate marketing etc. to fit the client’s niche/niches.


The client will also be able to choose from millions of free images, videos, icons etc., to use on their site, saving hundreds/potential thousands in further design fees.


If you need help with a logo, content/copywriting and or branding; we can quote for that separately.


One time build fee: £995 plus VAT.

Ongoing support fee*: £99 per month plus VAT.


*Support fees cover unlimited server/bandwidth use, unlimited access to support via real humans! SSL security certification & ongoing cyber security protection, essential software updates, server hosting and maintenance, site email system, site backups etc.


Bespoke sites


Bespoke clients are offered complete freedom to have any/all of their pages on their website made bespoke and unique to their project. We start with a clean sheet and then design exactly what you want. That design will then be yours for life and not used as part of our template program.


Bespoke sites tend to cost between £3600 and £8400 (plus VAT) to make but can go higher. Clients can pay for these builds in 3 instalments, one with the order, one on design sign off and one on delivery of the site.


*Post-delivery, the monthly running costs for the site are £200 (plus VAT) per month.


Here are some of our bespoke design sites.



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