Humor sells online, but be careful – not all humour is universal (just ask Frankie Boyle)

Attracting people to your online presence can be achieved in a number of ways, but one which is used heavily to get a message to go viral is humour.  We are unashamedly fans of comedy, from classics like “don’t tell your name Pike”, through Bottom and modern comics like Kevin Bridges. However, Achmed the Dead Terrorist is a humour too far for many.

So consider your audience

Being witty to a wide audience can be difficult, but niche audiences need the same considerations. There are a lot of examples of brands failing by using inappropriate humour in their ads. So you should steer clear of such controversial topics as sex, politics, religion, etc.

Have a theme

When you have a comedic approach, get a theme going so your audience knows it was not a one hit and hope approach, but tailor your humour to the product or service you are offering.

Keep it current

Ideas need to be fresh and of their time.  You will not be remaking ‘Dad’s Army’ – no one could. Look for humour of the time, but avoid race, religion, sex, gender and of course disability.


Humour is all about timing – be sensitive to what is in the news at the time your campaign goes live.

Darren Revell