If content is King what should you write on your recruitment website?

So it is often said content is King, and then others say Google suggests 30% of all search activity is employment related. The is employment-related as opposed to job searches.


So other than jobs on your website, what else should you have on your recruitment website to deal with these potential 30% employment related searches?


  1. Salary advise for job seekers by niche/sector/industry/location or region?
  2. Salary trends for employers by niche/sector/industry/location or region?
  3. Advice/blogs on how to get into a role niche/sector/indusry/location or region?
  4. Advice/blogs on how to transition from role to role niche/sector/indusry/location or region?
  5. Advice/blogs what education is needed and why?
  6. Advice/blogs on the pros of being a temp/contract/interim by niche/sector/indusry/location or region?
  7. Advice/blogs on your niche location or region?
  8. Advice/blogs on how your niche works as a niche/sector/industry/location or region?
  9. Advice/blogs on the value of overseas experience in your niche/sector/industry?
  10. Advice/blogs on the stability/future prospects of your niche/sector/indusry/location or region?
  11. Advice/blogs on where a job now can lead to in the future?
  12. Advice/blogs on what traits expected by employers?
  13. Advice/blogs on what traits job seekers look for in employers?
  14. How to deal with a difficult boss?*
  15. How to deal with bullying in the workplace?*
  16. How to deal with harassment in the workplace?*
  17. Where to look for gender equality in niches/sectors/industries/location or countries?*


I could go on but if you ever attended one of those training seminars where a sales trainer told you about the 90 or 100 word job spec questionnaire from the likes of Tony Byrne or other trainers who adapted his work then these types of question make for very good blogs, and case studies for what people want to know about the world of work.


* If you feel unskilled in these topics then work with qualified content writers or partner with qualified sources. Heck, invite guest post for HR directors/managers you deal with.


Please note I am Dyslexic and in my form I am blind to grammar, and sometimes I get my fors and fours etc backwards.  I am not stupid in fact my IQ and EQ are both quite high.  Please keep that in mind when you read my posts.  Thanks.


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