How to improve your recruitment calls with candidates

Calling your potential candidates is one of the most effective and efficient ways with how to improve your recruitment calls with candidates.


It’s the traditionally logical, quick and easy way that has the power to produce immediate results. However, the way in which you call a candidate, from the initial contact right down to the end of the conversation, could change dramatically depending on how you conduct yourself during the conversation.


To truly grab the attention of your candidates, you must be able to carry the conversation from beginning to end and present an interesting, lucrative opportunity that they will be genuinely interested in.


Here are five tips to help you improve the productivity and effectiveness of your recruitment calls.


Different segments in the market

To really grab a candidate’s attention, especially a passive one, you need to deduce their motivation for seeking new opportunities.


Things such as forward growth for their career, financial incentives, dissatisfaction, and an increase in personal responsibility (such as newly-born children and the desire to be part-time) can all be motivators leading people to seek greener pastures on the job market.


You should always take some time before you contact a candidate to try to ascertain which ‘segment’ your candidate falls into.


Each segment has different types of interests, which you need to present to them. It’s important to understand what drives your candidate before making that initial call. Getting it wrong can cause them to lose interest.


Establish initial rapport first, then take down information

When you call your candidate, it’s important that you gather as much information as possible during your first phone call – especially if they are not expecting it.


You don’t want to waste your time talking with candidates who aren’t qualified or wouldn’t be a good fit.


It’s generally agreed that at least the first couple of minutes of the conversation should be spent giving your candidate an introduction to the job, with background on the company that will resonate with them.


You should also get some background info from your candidate.


This combination of information exchange will help your candidate to feel as though they are being presented with a professional opportunity and they aren’t wasting their time.


Understand the value of their skills

Another key component is to really understand the value of each individual’s skills in relation to every individual position you wish to speak to them about.


Understanding their skills, and how those skills relate to a specific job opening, will allow you to credibly present to them the opportunity for growth, making them much more interested in your proposition and much more likely to want to move forward with the opportunity.


Also, recruiters who know and understand the job and have a good understanding of how it relates to other candidates with similar backgrounds are much more confident in the delivery of the opportunity.


You need to build a branch between the candidate’s current and future employment positions in order to really pique their interest.


Know what makes the job exceptional

Start with an attention-grabber. The best approach to presenting a great opportunity to candidates is to indicate what’s in it for them.


For instance, ask them: “Do you want to explore a new opportunity if it’s significantly better than what you do now?”


You need to be able to talk about how this opportunity is different from other similar roles; you need to know about the company and what they’re involved with.


Basically, you need to know what makes this job exceptional so you can sell it to them. Especially when dealing with passive candidates, they are much more likely to want to discuss a position, and even take the application process further, if it gets them excited.



The final tip for improving your recruiting calls is networking. You need to be able to proactively network with exceptional candidates in order to gain referrals.


Those who are highly qualified aren’t just going to give up a name on a whim, not unless you show due interest in them. Explain the job to them and allow them to decide if the position is a good fit for them.


Only after they’ve come to the conclusion they aren’t up to the job will they be likely to give you the name of a professional they know who might fit the criteria more closely than they do.


It’s all about patience, and it pays off sometimes to keep a candidate on the phone after you’ve realised that they might not be a good fit.


If they realise it too, they might be able to point you in the direction of someone new.


It’s a great way to fill up your candidate database and fill job orders; just remember to ask each candidate who rejects the position if they know someone who might be a better fit.


Always remember that your research into the candidate is imperative before your first call, and your full understanding of the job specs, company, and future opportunities are a necessary part of the conversation.


You need to be able to describe the role, present it to them in a way that will pique interest, and explain what makes it exceptional and why they will want it.


You should always realise that every call you make is an opportunity, and don’t just use calls to find and talk to your own candidates. Use them as a way to network via referral.


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