Job board software 102

Technology is a living entity that has an aging process, and more importantly, a compatibility process that requires a maintenance plan.  If I had £1 for every time I was asked why a job board needs to have a support plan/payment per month then I could have retired by now.

What does Ashley Madison teach us?

Data security is vital.  You are in control of people’s personal data, and you need to protect it.  Protecting data is not a one-time task, and there is no amount of money the job board suppliers can charge you in their upfront fees to justify doing your security management free of charge for life.  Not even Madgex, who want a price akin to the national debt of a small African nation.

Data is a minute-by-minute task, with updates or staff ready or on standby for data attacks all time.

What can we learn from Apple vs Microsoft?

If you have experience of both these software environments then you will know almost nothing ever goes wrong on a Mac when its software auto-updates.  Sadly,e same is never true of Microsoft, and auto-updates can wipe out many of your settings.  Now imagine that being your job board.  Apple is a premium cost software environment, Microsoft is a mass-market low-cost environment, and despite its net worth, Microsoft still can’t deliver a product with a stable update path.

Software updates require a checking and validation process, even the best ones.  WordPress, for example, just rolled out an update that kills your website’s ability to ranking in search engines; a fix will come in a week, but do you want your site out of the rankings due to a software update you will only find out about in a few weeks/months when your SEO team tells you it’s not a Google penalty?

What can we learn from Mclaren F1 vs Mercedes F1 in 2015?

You can plug all the best parts together you can find, but without proven testing, you can’t put a car on the front of the grid, and your plans can still be scuppered by a third-party product failure like a blowout. Software, especially open source stuff like WordPress with a Job board plugin, is much like Mclaren F1.  World-proven products, but they can still go wrong and often do, as they are made in isolation from each other, and so one is always playing catch up to the other.

So much like an F1 environment, software requires maintenance, refinement and regular testing to stay on top.


Job boards don’t run themselves, and so be prepared for a monthly service charge or to have an out-of-date system that costs you more money in the long run.

Darren Revell