Job board whistleblower – post 1

OK so I have been making job boards since 2005 and have consulted with a few hundred job board owners in the past 10 years as this post goes out.  Having been a recruiter for 10 years and been around when the first job board came to market and having been one of the first users I think I have a unique insight.  That and I now work in web promotion of recruitment sites, job boards and ecommerce websites… you be the judge.


Quite often job board owners will tell you they have x million hits on their website, and y thousand CV’s and while those numbers have some value they are more vanity than sanity and part of what I like to refer to as the “emperor’s new clothes” marketing pitch that job board owners and their sales team engage in.

Here are the stats I think you need to know and with my background in job board software developement and web promotion I can tell you are easy to provide to you8 by your suppliers if they want to.  However as I was once asked to leave a LinkedIn forum from a well know industry figure, let’s call him Steve, for suggesting that job board needed to provide these stats.  His responce being “if we provided that data most job board would go bust”…

Site visits – What you are told.

Number of visits
Number of visits from the UK
Number of visits on a mobile

Site visits – What you could be told that has far more value but rarely if never are told!

Number of visits

– How many are organic?
– How many are from PPC?
– How many are direct?
– How many are from referrals?
– How many are from social media?
– What pages get the most traffic?
– What are the page visit for my sector and or location niche?
– How many visits did my job/jobs get?
– What comparable jobs got more applications than mine?
– What day of the week is the best conversion for applications?
– What time of the day is the best conversion for applications?
– What percentage are new visits to returning visits?
– What visits are on a mobile, what visits are on a tablet?
– What mobile operating system is the most common?
– What is your conversion rate per each of the aforesaid 1%, 2%…10%?

Candidates/CV -What you are told.

How many CV’s they have.
How many new candidate registrations per month.
Have a free look round to test our service.

Candidates/CV – What you could be told but rarely if never are told!

How many CV’s are in your niche, sector, location etc?
How many have an active job seeker status?
How many have active job alerts?
How many other jobs like your they have applied for this week, month, quarter?
How many of their candidates come back to update their CV;s per week, month, quarter?
How many of their dormant candidates reactivate they search/make job searches, set up job alerts per week, month, quarter or per year?
How many candidates who look for permanent work have activity in their account to suggest they are job seeking again after 2, 3… 5 years?
How many candidates who look for temp/contract work in predictable cycles like 4 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months etc have activity in their account to suggest they are job seeking again after they gained a temp assignment?
How many of their candidates are eligible to work in the UK, EU etc?
How many other recruiters downloaded the CV?
How many employers downloaded the CV?


All of this kind of data is available to a job board to pass on to you as a client so you can make a more informed decision about what you should buy, when and why.  However as ‘Steve’ says many would go bust if they did as the stats would look pretty poor.

Now I make job board so you would think I would make as many as I could, or you would think I would have launched one but I never have.  That is because I turn down 9 out of 10 offers to make job boards because the industry does not need just another job board.  Equally if you read my post on job boards 1:01 you will see there needs to be a few things in place I don’t have to run one.