Learn Train Recruit goes live

Learn Train Recruit has gone live with RecruiterWEB. The site publishes both job content and training content; it is hooked up to our content marketing services for blogs, and SEO will start in the third quarter.

LTR saw the advantage of our pricing when compared to other vendors, who quoted £250 per month to £500 per month for life. Based on those numbers, the savings we are making LTR from year two onwards means they are able to fund any of the following, for the same prices as renting a website from one of our competitors.

  1. Pay indeed to send them 108,000 exact match jobs seekers from sponsored clicks.
  2. Pay Google Adwords to send them 16,200 exact match jobs seekers from sponsored ad clicks.
  3. Pay for 21 months of SEO to bring in new clients/candidates.
  4. Pay for 405 blogs to distribute on their website and social channels, from an award-winning copywriter.


You can see the site here: