London is calling

It is BOOM time in the city and London hiring managers have gone into accelerate growth mode.

Growth in jobs is up 7% on 2014 and 2014 had a growth on 2013 of 4%. At the same time candidates seeking career moves after offers is down 7%. That means employers are fighting back due to the hardship of finding replacements and counter offers a near epidemic.

In June jobs in the city jumped by 56% in one month and it is across all role types. Recruiters spend is past previous boom markets and the increase in advertising is a direct reflection of their confidence in ROI for ad spend.

The city hit a low of 330,000 workers in 2009 but that has climbed back to north of 400,000 now and is as we say on the rise.

Still not convinced?

The Mayor of London has confirmed that the capital is now home to more people than at any time in its history.

More than 8.6 million people are now living in London with the latest projections estimating that the city will be home to 11 million people by 2050.

The majority of them who work, work in a London Borough.