If you were paying 208% to 1250% more…

OK, so when we do our mystery shop exercises each year we take a look at all vendors, and essentially we found the following: If you are on the Volcanic or JXT £500, £750 or £1000 a month plans, then over 3 to 5 years you will pay 208% to 1250% more than if you were using RecruiterWEB to operate your website.


That is quite a big difference, but when you benchmark our products for features, the variance is not 208% to 1250% better; in fact, when independently tested no real variance could be found. Now it could be said there is maybe a 1 to 2% variance in what all of us offer. That is variance, not that they have better features. So why pay 208% to 1250% more than you need?


P.S. If you are a start-up recruiter, then our prices are more or less the same year one and, well, 150% less year two onwards.