LA International

Fact We saved LA £54000 in their first year compared to a quote they got from one of our industry peers and have got their site ranked in Google in many more ways than before.

July 24, 2017


Website Design

LA International is nothing short of a legend brand in recruitment, the largest and one of the oldest independent IT recruitment firms in the UK. LA International just grows from strength to strength and with it provides opportunities for companies like ours to work with industry giants.


The site is a bespoke design, and it is supported by various marketing initiatives. LA came to us after receiving a quote from one of our competitors which seemed a bit high; we were able to save them £54,000 on the initial purchase and then £2000 a year, each year after that.


The site uses our R-WEB Recruiter product and is supported with outsourced CMS support, our “FeatureProofing” and “DesignProofing” service.


Read about our recruitment website offering here.