All our website come with all our features free of charge, save for one which is languages for which there is a small fee to pay. Regardless of what you spend, you can now pay for the setup fees of our websites over 12 months to assist you with cashflow.


Examples follow:


A site with first years costs £1800 to set up, run and host for 12 months, is now paid in 12 instalments of £150.00. Not the full £1800 in one payment. Year two, the code optimisation, maintenance and hosting plan will be £89 a month.

A site which is £2400 to set up, is now paid in 12 instalments of £200.00
… and so on.


If you want to know more, call us on 01223 655278, email or click the image below to be taken to his LinkedIn page and connect with him there.




VAT is to be added to all prices.