Pros & cons of a dedicated mobile recruitment website design



  1. User experience is specifically designed for mobile screen size/performance on mobile.
  2. Can be tuned to the needs of mobile-first indexing by Google better than responsive design.
  3. Can carry a message more suited to mobile users’ attention span.
  4. Great place to use video instead of words to explain your brand.
  5. Better meet the expectations of the mobile generation.
  6. Better able to set your SEO to mobile job seeker habits, which are quite a bit different than when they search on a desktop, laptop, etc.
  7. Avoids a wasted spend on an APP.
  8. Responsive design makes a best effort to give a positive mobile experience, but dedicated ensures this outcome.
  9. Allows for future truing of your mobile experience without compromise to the desktop user.





  1. Some extra work in the set-up phase of the site.



Our Top Tips



#1 Pick a vendor, like us, who really knows mobile. For example, we have been offering a dedicated design option to our clients since 2007. No one has more user research on mobile habits than us on dedicated vs responsive.


#2 Don’t take our word for it – ask your clients/candidates what they think will work for them best. I mean, they are at the coal face or cutting edge of your industry when it comes to using recruitment websites.


#3 Don’t get confused with the jargon. This is not a standalone mSite – this is some pages on your main website designed to look best for mobile users, but all managed by the same simple website software.


#4 Tune your keyword strategy for your mobile content to suit the proven tendency of job seekers on Google to look for content in keyword searches of 4-9 keywords. Read more on SEO here:





A dedicated mobile site works best if you are going to use SEO related to mobile user habits. If you are not going to focus your attention on SEO for mobile, then responsive is an OK way to go.


On the RecruiterWEB platform, you can have both and so are fully covered in any event; you may just choose to start with responsive, knowing you have a future-proof dedicated mobile recruitment website option if you want to take it up at a later date.


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