Pros & cons of applying with LinkedIn apply on your recruitment website.



  1. It makes the job applications a one/two click process for those with a LinkedIn account.
  2. It gets you engagement without any delay.
  3. It relieves the user of needing an up to date CV.
  4. It unifies the application standard across countries/continents.
  5. It allows a GDPR compliant data exchange.
  6. Tracking the application process route and provide vital statistics to you about the wider value of LinkedIn for your brand.
  7. The buttons words on pc’s, laptops, mobiles and tablets. Making it a universal tool to apply for jobs.
  8. It may get you, candidates, direct employers don’t get.
  9. It gives some brand associated credibility for your site. 




  1. Not everyone has a LinkedIn/ LinkedIn is prolific in some niches not present in others.
  2. You may not get enough data for your ATS needs.
  3. Fake profiles are a problem on LinkedIn.
  4. LinkedIn increasingly does not want to share data, so it is getting hard to keep this feature active.
  5. The data can be incomplete and out of date.
  6. LinkedIn keeps reducing the volume of data it sends via the tool.
  7. It makes it easy for those who are unqualified for role to apply as the commitment/qualification level to apply is low.
  8. Your application process is reliant upon a third party you have no control over.
  9. Fake profiles can be used to gain info from you.
  10. Application data may not be able to go directly into your ATS.
  11. It may make more work, not less for your recruiters with follow up work to be done.



Our Top Tips


#1 Use the button only if your niche warrants it, otherwise it is a vanity install not a sanity install and more 3rd party software to go wrong.

#2 Ensure your vendors has a plan to look for platform updates.

#3 Ensure you have a bespoke follow-up path for jobs applied for by LinkedIn on your website.

#4 LinkedIn has tried to move away from any vendor providing the application with the LinkedIn feature in the past 14 years (2018). Expect that trend to continue.




RecruiterWEB was one of the first recruitment website vendors to integrate with LinkedIn and the first to offer it on a mobile website. So we have to say we find the service useful, but it is niche market-related. Like HGV drivers tend not to have a LinkedIn profile page, whereas a Head of Finance typically does.


All our clients can have the feature on any of our plans and if it is not desired at the outset it can be added at a later date.


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