Pros & cons of recruiter profiles on your recruitment website

We are making a series of blog posts to explain what works when making a recruitment website design, or what might not work. This post is about staff directory pages and what are the pros and cons of having your staff on your website.




  1. Personal marketing works; all the stats confirm it, which makes for a compelling reason to have profiles.
  2. They provide a genuine page source to write about your employee’s skills and ability to provide your services.
  3. They bring your company to life and demonstrate you are real people. Which is increasingly important in a fake-news world.
  4. They can assist with SEO for your website through links that can be created to and from them.




  1. Your staff are found by head-hunters more easily. Which is going to happen anyway, so do sweat the small stuff.
  2. If you have staff turnover issues, the page will display that.
  3. Some may say the size of the workforce is an issue. We don’t. But others may.


Our Top Tips for what should be on the page


#1: Use real images, unless your niche supports avatars, etc.
#2: Provide staff contact details: phone, email, links to social media profiles.
#3: Carry a decent biography of the staff member.
#4: Have the recruiters’ live jobs on their page.
#5: Have testimonials for the staff member.
#6: Have case studies for the staff member’s work.
#7: Have blogs written by the recruiter or relevant to their niche.
#8: Have call-to-action options on the profile page to engage with that member of staff directly.


What if you are a one-person recruitment company?


No point in hiding that, and why should you? If you have gone out on your own it is because you have confidence in your skills to self-support your role as a recruiter. Can’t think of a better story than that to share with your potential clients. Just make a ‘Founders’ profile and map out your background so people know the who, what, when, where, why and how of the route to starting your own business.




On balance, we find that having staff profiles that are packed with useful features increases conversion rates for recruiters; this is especially true in the rare skills niche markets and where egos need to be massaged in the senior end of markets (Bob the Interim CEO of Fortune 500 companies likes to know you are a member of a Polo club, etc.)


At RecruiterWEB, team member profiles, founder pages and personalised job adverts are all standard features, and so if you want them, you can have them. We offer these pages/features from a range of templated system pages, or you can have them fully bespoke.


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