Why PSLs don’t work in recruitment

Any PSL Will Do

Verse 1: Hanna HR:

I close my eyes, draw up the PSL list
To see for certain, what I thought I knew.

Far far away, recruiters were weeping,
But the employer world was sleeping,
because Any PSL will do.


Verse 2: Hanna HR & Talent & Attraction:

I wore my coat of naivety (I wore my coat of naivety), with golden lining (Ahhh).

Bright colours shining (Ahhhh), wonderful and new. And in the east (and in the east), the dawn was breaking (Ahhh)

And the world was waking to (Ahhhh) Any PSL will do.


Verse 3: Hanna HR:

A crash of talent availability, no flash of light
The golden coat flew out of sight,
The colors faded into darkness,
HR Hanna was alone.


Verse 4: Hanna HR & Talent & Attraction:

May I return (May I return) to the beginning (Ahhh)

The light is dimming (Ahhhh), and the dream is too.

The PSL world and I (The PSL world and I), we are still waiting (Ahhh) Still hesitating (Ahhhh) But still any PSL will do.