Recruiters do not take proper lunch breaks

It is a well-known fact that sales people are often under pressure to not take lunch or to limit the lunch break they do have to grab some food and eat it at their desk while processing emails, etc. Unless, that is, you are on or over target; if you are at the top end of your billing cycle then the rules get relaxed a little. Trouble is 80% of your sales typically come from just 20% of your sales force, so that leaves the majority with short lunches.

This is supported by a great article from Darren Best, CEO of He comments on the research: “I openly encourage my employees to take a break, to move from their desk and have a walk at lunch time, as it impacts so positively on productivity. I am considering taking employees to a monthly gym session just to get them on their feet!”

Failing to take breaks increases the risk of burnout, and employers should take care not to encourage a ‘work hard but no play’ culture.



Darren Revell