Recruitment Web Design London

Is recruitment web design done differently for London? Or should it be?

London is often suggested to be a country, withing a country and certainly the amount of recruiters, employers and candidates working in our nation’s capital is enormous compared to other cities and indeed large that some countries but should you do your web design differently?

Well, we think yes, for a start no London-based recruiter should have a website that is not fully set up for the mobile user. Mobile is an ever growing concept, but the London is well served for the mobile user unlike some other cities and/or outlying communities.

London has 4G making for very fast internet connections which means you can do more with your mobile site like the video for example. Video is a quick and efficient way to sell your brand online and be it a candidate explainer video, client explainer video it really does help.

If you don’t have 4G London still has access to free wifi on almost every road, be that in your favorite eatery, cafe, or even your dry cleaners. So again high speed and the reliable internet make for a great mobile experience.

Mobile also works differently for Location searches so when taking search engine optimisation into account Location triggers on your job adverts is key. Many candidates are looking for a better job with easier commute options, and the others may just want a new job but in their same location for the same ease of commute.

Yep we would say that recruitment web design in London is a specialist job and well as we have the highest percentage of our clients based there we can also validate what we say by the transactions on our servers.


Darren RevellDirector

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